There’s a long list of different kind of receivers, which has been in my use, borrowed, exchanged, bought and sold, tested etc. Here are just some of them, with few memories – not in cronological order (updated 13112018 and 14042020)

Sony XDR F1-HD FM/AM tuner for US market, very sensitive and selective FM rx


Sony XDR F1-HD GTK mode (x2) Polish modification made, PC-controlled + OIRT.

GTK keleillä

Kenwood KT-6050 FM tuner, modified: 110 Hz filters, (in active use 2010-2011)


Radioklip OIRT pocket rx (USSR market), not for serious DX, just for fun, bought in 2014


Tecsun PL-310 FM/AM/SW pocket receiver, has been my primary OIRT receiver since 2010. Also other bands are very good for half serious DX use. Best catch: RTM Traxx FM 7295 kHz from Malaysia.



Icom IC-R71E communications receiver 0.1-30 MHz, in active use 2004-2017


Luxor Symfoni, probably made in Sweden (1955-1956), was also in DX use around 2012-2014. Best catch: India on MW 810 kHz and 1071 kHz with a balcony wire. At least one QSL: Cesky Impuls 981 kHz.



Daewoo FM/AM cassette recorder – obviously not in DX use


Silver Crest KH 2032 (-2015) and Philips D6350 (-2016) cassette recorder. It looks like there is a DX yacht going on. Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation (11735 kHz) later verified this reception, bringing a new DX country. Cassette recorders have been in hard use, as they don’t produce unwanted electric noises covering weak DX signals. Some people call them old-fashioned, but I rather enjoy clear bands.


Grundig M400 designed and developed by Etón Palo Alto FM/AM/SW1/SW2 a pocket receiver, because of the size, it is optimal for a traveller. Best catch: Radio Santo Stefano 94.6 MHz from Sicily heard in Gozo (187 km) (2016-)


Fisher PH 403 FM/SW/MW/LW cassette recorder. With this receiver the hobby (later a lifestyle..) started over 20 years ago. I have still lively memories of tuning in to European MW stations and Channel Africa on short waves with this receiver. Later I made even some Sporadic E blind recordings. In DX use between 1998-2006.


Denver TWR-817 FM/MW/SW1-7 world receiver, not really for “serious” ultralight-DXing (2010?-)


Grundig YB 208 FM/MW/LW/SW1-9 portable receiver was my first receiver which was bought for DXing. I have made my first reception reports with this Grundig. (1998-)


Sangean ATS-909 (x2) FM/MW/LW/SW
(2001-2004) in serious MW/SWDX use
(2004-2009) in serious FMDX use, with OIRT modification (66-74 MHz)


AS audio sonic multiband radio CB – 40 Channel TV1-FM PB-AIR Receiver. I had two similar receivers for tuning in to taxi drivers and air traffic


Philips AutoIlona FM/MW/LW/SW 49m (2008?-2010?). Sold this one in annual antique electronics flea market for someone lucky who needs it more.


Körting Honoris 39 GW LW/MW/SW is my first ever tube receiver from the end of 1930’s. It is almost in perfect condition and much older than I expected. Of course it should be easy to guess, as this receiver has no FM/UKW. Best catch: Radio Free Libya 675 kHz (2010-)


ITT Schaub-Lorenz POLO automatic MW/LW/KW 49m/UKW 88-104 MHz has been never working, since I got it as a toy in the age of 4 or 5. It had no speaker left, and to guarantee that it would never work, I filled it with sand. It’s my only memory of this receiver. Obviously staring at the place names on the dial has fed the latter DX hobby! Bayr. R. – Luxembourg – SWF – Paris – Rias – Stuttgart… (1993/4-)


Volkswagen autoradio (2014-2020) has been a necessary tool when checking the development of autumn tropos during a work day. Probably the only well working part in this VW.


JRC NRD-525 0-30 MHz (2016 or 2017-)


Yamaha TX-330 FM/MW/LW? (in FMDX use for seasons 2008?-2011?). The most memorable catch was Radio Kiss Morava 96.5 MHz, which ided directly after turning RX on in the late evening of June 7, 2011. There was SpE for all day long and I was obviously driving from city apartment to countryside (333km) to spend summer in dacha. All the other radios and antennas were packed in car so I used this RX with an indoor dipole. Most weird catch was Chinese speaking station on 1134 kHz in summer night with a one meter long indoor wire. It must have been some kind of ghost signal!?


JRC NRD-535 0-30 MHz (2017-)


e-Bench KH2025 FM/MW/LW/SW. Winning bid in FDXA auction, probably in year 2016, bought for monitoring 50 nW transmitter in FDXA meeting in Hollola (Messilä)


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